About us

Why use us?

Do you find local press expensive and less effective than it used to be?
Well you're not alone! While local media has been busy increasing prices and adding compulsory web charges, recruiters have been leaving in their droves. Just check out the number of pages of recruitment in your local paper compared to a few years ago.

Put off by high recruitment consultancy fees?
Troubled by being asked to pay £000's to hire a candidate when you know the firm has done no more than email you a load of CV's in the hope one sticks and not really listened to the brief. Not always the case but more often than not these days.

Find the choice of job boards a bit confusing?
Where do you start; generic job boards, specialist, local, national, paid for, free, job search engines, social media sites - with dozens of each and more - phew! Individually often quite cheap, but the sum of the parts adds up. Plus most of them want you to get your credit card out and pay up front and then you have to post it on yourself!

Start saving time and money today.
We specialise in marketing vacancies across a range of the leading job boards. We ensure you get to choose from the best national job boards, the job board affiliated with your local press and a choice of leading specialist job boards. This tied in with social media sites, a vast array of affiliate sites and job search engines means in excess of 95% of those looking for a job will be able to find ours.

Applicant fulfilment can be handled in numerous ways, but typically in a fashion that is most compatible with the recruiters’ current practises.

For a low cost fixed fee, billed monthly we can offer significant savings over traditional forms of recruitment advertising.

How it all works

Send us details of the vacancy you are looking to fill with no obligation on your part.

We'll recommend the best package(s) to market your vacancy from our extensive stable of job boards; at a fixed price working within your budget.

We advise on copy and tailor candidate fulfilment to meet your preferred method of application.

Once authorised to go live, we post your vacancy and ensure that each job board's unique features are realised (not one size fits all).

During the life of the vacancy we continue to manage the listings, monitor and report stats and support the applicants.

Finally, we bill at the end of the month with 30 day terms. There are no contracts to sign or pages of terms and conditions to read. We believe deliverable good service brings customers back and this philosophy has served us well.

CHM Recruit is a trading name of Coach House Media Limited, 27 Shenley Pavilions, Shenley Wood, Milton Keynes MK5 6LB. Registered in England No 2812655. For more details visit www.chmrecruit.co.uk and www.chm.co.uk


"Coach House Media provides excellent, efficient, and friendly service. It significantly reduces both expenditure on advertising, as well as our staff’s time when it comes to placing adverts on multiple sites. I would wholeheartedly recommend CHM, it is a life saver!"

Leading Arts Fund - Client Title

Job advertised: Domestic Bursar; ?"Thank you for the stats. Yes, we had 82 applications in the end, and I would be happy to use you again in the future."

Cambridge College - Client Title

"We have had a fantastic response and I have been inundated with some really good CV’s."

Essential Services Employees Charity - Client Title